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Cleverlayover the company is one word, capitalized only at the beginning of the sentence. A clever layover (separate words) is a general term referring to any layover that is constructed for the purpose of saving money or having an extended layover. Clever layovers are created by a user by buying multiple tickets to piece together the trip itinerary.

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Cleverlayover does not look for hidden city flights. Instead, cleverlayover adds extra layovers to a trip in order to look for cheaper flights. For example, if a traveler wants to fly from New York to Los Angeles, cleverlayover performs a search from New York to Chicago and then another separate search from Chicago to Los Angeles. The algorithm automatically combines the flights based on the schedules returned. When a clever layover has been identified, it will be labeled as shown below. Though not all searches will return a clever layover, most searches will return a clever layover option, and for one in three searches, that clever layover will save the traveler money. The savings average $200 and international flights frequently see over $1000 in savings. More information is available on our about page.
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