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To make flights to any destination affordable so that everyone can see new places and old friends

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Phil has nine years of experience conducting research in graph theory and algorithms. Previously, he worked at McKinsey & Company as a consultant serving the Aerospace, Technology, Healthcare and Public Sector industries.

He received a BA in Applied Mathematics with a concentration in Computer Science from Yale College and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Phil loves flying and hates travel.

John McGugan

John has eleven years of experience competing against big companies with big data. Previously, he founded two successful companies and continues to operate one of them.

He received an AB in Economics from Harvard College and an MBA from Harvard Business School. John loves travel and hates flying.

Our story

The origins of cleverlayover

The idea for cleverlayover was born from our journey to Istanbul in January of 2015. We realized that it would be cheaper to fly from Boston to Israel on one ticket and then fly to Turkey on another ticket. While this seemed counterintuitive, buying one more flight actually cost us less. With the money that we saved, we dedicated four days to exploring the bustling streets of Tel Aviv as well as the humbling history of Jerusalem. The opportunity to visit two continents on a budget gave us a new perspective on how travel should be booked.

Three months later, we launched cleverlayover as part of a schoolwide competition among all the first-year students at Harvard Business School. After winning the competition and receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from our users, we continued to build cleverlayover into a sustainable business so that it would serve the needs of our users for years to come. Today, cleverlayover touches the lives of thousands of people every single day. Our users are students who travel on a budget, leisure travelers who would like to add an extra destination while saving money, families who find they can visit relatives in other countries once a year now instead of once every two years and retirees who want to see the world.

Please take some time to try out cleverlayover before booking your next trip. We might not be able to save you money every time, but there is a one in three chance we can help on any given flight. When we do find savings, the savings average $200 (the average savings across all searches, not just the searches that find savings, is $60).

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