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Frequently asked questions

Should I wait to book my flight from LOS to TAS?

If you are looking to depart on Sunday, August 18, 2024, then you are 30 days out from your trip. Based on data we've compiled and corroborated with industry reports, the best time to book is six to twelve weeks before your departure date. Since you have less than six weeks before Sunday, August 18, 2024, prices on flights to TAS are likely to rise the longer you wait. You should book quickly or choose to travel at a later date when prices aren't as high depending on your flexibility. Keep in mind that this is only based on historical data. The travel industry can be similar to stock markets: historical performance is not predictive of future results, and flight prices can have a mind of their own. We provide the information as is and do not make any guarantees.

What is a clever layover and how does it save money on flights?

A clever layover is a layover that isn't chosen by the airlines. The clever layover serves the needs of the customer rather than the airlines: instead of making the airlines' job easier, the layover saves money or adds a second destination to the trip. For example, when flying from New York to Sydney, a traveler might decide to fly from New York to Cape Town and then Cape Town to Sydney. The traveler could even choose to stay in Cape Town for a couple of days because the layover is chosen by the traveler rather than the airlines. Often times, choosing the right clever layover can save hundreds of dollars. However, searching all the possible clever layovers could take thousands of hours by hand. Cleverlayover is a site dedicated to finding all the right clever layovers, whether you want to optimize for savings or experience.

How do airlines choose which layovers to take?

Airlines will only coordinate a layover within their own network or with another airline that has formed an operating agreement with them. They will typically choose hub cities since modern flight routes are based on hub-to-hub travel. This means that not all possible layovers are considered. In fact, many times the layover might not even be the most cost-effective route overall. This is because airlines can optimize for routes based on flights within their own network, but they can't take advantage of pricing efficiencies when considering flights from competing airlines. For the consumer, the most cost-effective layover might combine two airlines that aren't partnered. In addition, airlines price the flights based on origin-to-destination demand rather than based on how much it costs them to fly the route. As a result, consumers might even be able to save money just by purchasing the two legs from the same airline on separate tickets.

Will cleverlayover find the cheapest price on every route?

Our algorithm considers all the possible layovers, so we are often able to provide lower prices through combining two separate tickets. When we find a clever layover, we are cheaper than other sites by an average of $200, typically 20% the price of the ticket or more. However, not all routes will be able to take advantage of this trick. We find a clever layover 30% of the time. That means we have a one-in-three chance of saving you $200. When we don't find a clever layover, we show you the cheapest ticket price we find on the direct search. Our search will include most low cost carriers and major airlines, but because airlines give different inventory to different search engines, we can't guarantee the cheapest flight on routes without a clever layover. We recommend checking multiple sites when a clever layover doesn't show up. When we do find a clever layover, we'll label it so that you know.

I'm interested in multi-city. Can I extend my layover?

Yes! In our search bar, click the options to expand more inputs. Here you'll be able to choose any number of days to stay at your layover location. You can also specify the airport for your layover if you have a multi-city itinerary in mind. Often times, taking a clever layover to fulfill your multi-city travel needs can be cheaper than the prices that airlines provide.

Am I getting a good deal considering the average price from LOS to TAS?

We compiled some data on flights from to TAS in our route-specific guide. You can read our guide on finding cheaper flights from LOS to TAS to see the average price, the standard deviation and the highest and lowest prices we've seen. You'll also be able to see a bunch of other useful data.

How cleverlayover differs from other search engines

We show you all the possible layovers, not just the ones the airlines want you to see

Our search

Cleverlayover is a flight search engine for cheaper flights. We find savings by looking at all the possible ways to get from your origin to your destination. We'll consider every possible layover, not just the ones the airlines want you to see. For example, if you're flying from LOS to TAS, we'll search for flights from LOS to every other airport and then flights from those airports to TAS. After piecing together those flights, we can find savings that the other search engines don't show you.

Our inspiration

The idea for cleverlayover was born from our journey to Istanbul last winter. We realized that it would be cheaper to fly from Boston to Israel on one ticket and then fly to Turkey on another ticket. While this seemed counterintuitive, buying one more flight actually cost us less. With the money that we saved, we dedicated four days to exploring the bustling streets of Tel Aviv as well as the humbling history of Jerusalem. The opportunity to visit two continents on a budget gave us a new perspective on how travel should be booked.

Our vision

We built cleverlayover to radically optimize travel booking: we simplify the process by revealing the most cost-effective layovers, and we display search results from low-cost carriers that are not partnered with the major airlines to give travelers a broader range of flight combinations. Cleverlayover isn’t just a search engine to find more affordable flights; it’s a tool for experiencing travel in the best way possible. We'll search the cheapest route from LOS to TAS. Begin your travel with Cleverlayover to make the most of your trip.
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