Press Release: A new take on multi-city travel can save travelers thousands of dollars

Cleverlayover, a flight search engine that focuses on adding layovers to a flight in order to save money, has rehauled its service to provide a new take on booking multi-city travel. Users now have the option to extend their layover for as long as they desire as well as choose the location of their layover. Compared to traditional multi-city search, the extended layover method can save travelers thousands of dollars.

“Current multi-city travel is priced based on demand, so taking multi-city as an extended layover can often be cheaper,” says CEO Phil Hu. “We definitely won’t be cheaper on all multi-city combinations, so don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work for the first trip you try. It depends on the combination of cities and dates, just like how one airline might be cheaper for some routes on some days while another airline can be cheaper on other routes and days.”

Consider a multi-city trip from Boston to Honolulu and Sydney on December 21 returning January 2, with 8 days in Honolulu and 4 days in Sydney. As of early November, the traditional multi-city flights cost $4285. Taking the exact same trip as an extended layover instead costs $2411. Similarly, looking at those same dates of travel, the traditional multi-city itinerary for Boston to Chicago and San Francisco costs $815 while the cleverlayover trip costs $675.

“Cleverlayover started out as a tool for finding cheaper flights by adding a layover that combines two non-partner airlines. Our algorithm would automatically choose the best layover location based on price, and on one-in-three routes this would be cheaper than anything you could find on any other site. The downside was having that extra layover in the middle of the trip. We wanted to turn that layover into a positive, though, so we now allow the user to choose a fun layover as well as extend that layover for multiple days. For travelers that want a multi-city trip, cleverlayover is a great tool to consider.”

Other examples of multi-city trips that are cheaper using cleverlayover include the following (contingent on dates of travel and fluctuating flight prices over time):

  • Detroit to Portland and Honolulu
  • Atlanta to Chicago and Tel Aviv
  • Amsterdam to Paris and Savannah
  • New York to Boston and Reykjavik

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